Today at Nature Club 21/1/11

Today at Nature club we changed the bramble for the stick insects, Grumpy was held and Allotment Club planted us some Bramble.

Today we gave the stick insects some new bramble and while this was done we counted how many there were and there are still 28, this is is a good sign as it shows that no more have died. The stick insects are starting to get fairly and soon we will need to give them more space or get rid of some of them as they will soon grow out of their current tank. Now that they are bigger we can confirm that they are Indian not Vietnamese Prickly.

Allotment Club has cut some bramble from the forest and they have planted it for us in their greenhouse, if this grows well we will use it for the Stick Insects. We need more bramble because the stick insects will eat more as they get older. Also, most of the wild bramble is diseased and therefore no good.

Animal Health Update

The Stick Insects seem fine although their bramble had died. The crickets seem to be settling in nicely to their new home despite some cannibalism. The fish seem well fed and they seem to have enough water. Unfortunately Grumpy does not seem very well, she is always cuddled up next to her heat rock. Mr. Holland thinks this could be for a number of reasons. Either she is very stressed, or very comfortable or cold. We are hoping that she is very relaxed otherwise we might have a problem.

Today’s Attendance was 5

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