Today at Nature Club 24/1/11

Today at Nature Club we changed the bramble of the stick insects again, Mr. Holland told us that one of the stick insects had escaped, plans were made for tomorrow’s Nature Club and we noticed that Grumpy has started to shed her skin.

Stick Insects

We changed the bramble in the stick insects again and while this was done we counted them and there are still 28. This is good news because Mr. Holland told us that he found one which had escaped in his from period. He suspects that it escaped when we cleaned them out on Friday. Therefore we need to be very careful when changing the bramble and there should always be someone watching to make sure none escape. Although Mr. Holland found one stick insect he was not sure if any others had escaped so it was a relief when we confirmed that there was still 28. The stick insects seem to be getting very big now and have obviously shed over the weekend. We know this because we found a stick insect skin in the tank when we cleaned it out.  When handling the stick insects we noticed that they seemed to be very fast suddenly.


Today we noticed that Grumpy has began to shed her skin again and this is a good sign because it shows she is not to stressed because she will only shed her skin when she is comfortable. Grumpy was held today and Mr. Holland said that she seemed very friendly.


The crickets seem to be doing fine despite the fact that they are still currently showing very cannibalistic behaviours. This is probably because they do not have enough food. We noticed that as some of the crickets are getting bigger they are starting to grow wings and this will mean that they will start making a noise.


Tomorrow we will do a big clean out of the fish tank so we hope to have as many members present as possible. We would also appreciate it if some year 7s came along as Mr. Holland says they are great for scrubbing the fish tank with.

Today’s Attendance was 7

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  1. twemyss90 says:

    Hello, me from nature club.

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