Today at Nature Club 25/1/11

Today at Nature Club we cleaned out the fish tank and filter,checked the animals and used the computers with Allotment Club.


Today we paid a rare visit to the fish tank in order to clean it out. At Nature Club the fish are not really our main attraction as not many people find them that interesting. We mainly visit them to change the water or clean them out. Today we cleaned them out. Firstly we took out the filter and then cleaned it. It was fairly disgusting as it was covered in fish poo. We then cleared most of the muck off the sides of the tank using a smartcard before catching it in a net. Many thanks to all who helped as this is no ones favourite job.

Allotment Club

As many of you will know we run Nature Club closely with the allotment club. We often help them when we have nothing to do and today some of their members helped with cleaning out the fish tank. As they had the computers out today many of our members used them. This is a good idea if we use them for our club like they do but we should not just use them for random stuff as this distracts us from what we are doing. Please could you check out their blog at as we are very thankful for their help.

Animal Update

The Crickets seem to be doing fine and more have started to grow wings. Grumpy is still shedding her skin so it would be best to leave her alone for a few days. Also, the stick insects still have plenty of bramble and none have died.

Website Update

Hopefully there will be information about all of our animals on this blog in a week or two’s time. We hope to expand this blog further and if you have any suggestions please say them at Nature Club or post them as a comment on this page.

Today’s Attendance was 11

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2 Responses to Today at Nature Club 25/1/11

  1. twemyss90 says:

    You’re harsh on the fish.

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