Today at Nature Club 28/1/11

Today at Nature Club we refilled the fish tank, removed dead plants from the fish tank and checked up on all the animals. Also, we have an important announcement to make.


Once again we were doing stuff with the fish tank. Firstly we had to refill it. As we do this by using a hose we first had to remove the ice from the hose. It was hilarious to watch when turning the tap on made ice come out of the hose. After this we took out the two dead plants and replanted the two which had come out. The fish tank is now very clean, so although not many people like them, as you can tell from our poll, they are living in a very good environment.


The incredibly popular crickets have finally been given some food and Mr. Holland says that they devoured three pieces of cucumber in one night. Today they were still seen nibbling on their lettuce. Even more of the crickets have grown wings and therefore they can be heard to make nice chirping noises. Hopefully they will soon start to breed and start Grumpy’s endless supply of food.

Animal Update

The stick insects are still doing fine and today we gave them another couple of sticks of bramble. They are growing very well and today we found more shed skins. Grumpy still looks happy and she seems to have finished shedding. However, she does seem to spend an awful lot more time outside of her home than in it.

Important Announcement

Thanks to Tom from Allotment Club who has spoken to Mr. Roden about having our website put on the school website. I am not too sure about the details but ask on the Allotment Club website and I’m sure they could explain the situation.

Today’s Attendance was 14

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