Today at Nature Club 1/2/11

Today at Nature Club not much happened but the plants were sprayed, the crickets were fed and this page was refreshed many times.


Nature Club is mainly based around our animals but we also have carnivorous plants and non-carnivorous plants. Today these were sprayed and Mr.Holland was quoted saying, “The plants need spraying.” As well as this we discussed getting plants for our desert. Also we noted that the Sundew is beginning to grow well.


Today the crickets were fed some dead plants from the carnivorous plants enclosure. They seemed to like these very much and even stopped eating each other to eat some of these tasty snacks. We also discussed baby crickets. Mr. Holland said that if any baby crickets are born at first they will be very tiny and they will be born in the soft sand at the front of the enclosure.

This Website

Today Mr. Holland went on this website on his laptop. We would like to thank all those people who have helped us click refresh a grand total of 260 times today. We now have 672 hits. This still a little less than allotment club so if you have time please click refresh.

Animal Update

The stick insects are still growing and are now very quick. We did not feel there was a need to change their bramble today. Grumpy looks very happy at the moment after shedding her skin. We do not know how the fish are getting on because no one could be bothered to look at them.

Nature Club on Friday

On Friday (4/2/11) we plan to change the stick insects bramble as well as count them. Also we would like to discuss naming stick insects and check up on all of the animals and plants.

Today’s Attendance was 5

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