Today at Nature Club 4/2/11

Today at Nature club quite a lot happened, however most of our activity was based around our two favourite animals, based on our recent poll. Today we had a record attendance, changed the bramble for the stick insects, cleaned grumpy, cleaned the fish filter again and found a missing stick insect.


Today we sprayed Grumpy’s moss as well as giving her some more crickets and cleaning her food bowl. Recently Grumpy has seemed to be more relaxed about us taking out her house and this was the case again today. However, when taking out the house please be careful and make sure that you don’t drop her house on her leg as this could break it.

Stick Insects

Due to their increasing size and speed it has become impossible to change the stick insects bramble without them running off using our old method, putting them on the lid. So today we opted for a new method and put them in a tub. When we were counting them we noticed that there were only 27 not 28! Fortunately the final stick insect was found on a piece of bramble which was about to be thrown away having been checked by two separate people for stick insects. Please can you thoroughly check bramble when you change it and get at least two other people to check it for you. Also, please be careful when getting the stick insects out of their enclosure because often the plants are knocked out of the water and therefore they will dry up and die. Also, please do not leave the eggs out as they could still hatch.


Today we once again cleaned out the filter and thanks to those who did it as no one likes doing this job. Now that we have done it twice in about a week hopefully it won’t need to be done again for some time.


Mr. Holland has asked if any could bring in some bran, not bran flakes, or some muesli to feed the crickets as they are running out of food and are once again resorting to cannibalism.


Today’s attendance was 12, this is our highest attendance yet. Although this only beats the previous record by one, when the old record was set the people were never all in the room at the same time. So, this attendance record is showing that Nature Club is still growing, especially as some regulars were away.

New Poll

We now have a new poll about which animal you would like to find out about. Please vote as we will give information about the winning animal probably soon after half term.

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2 Responses to Today at Nature Club 4/2/11

  1. twemyss90 says:

    I thought you said that you would link to Allotment

  2. twemyss90 says:

    Actually, it doesn’t matter – we have not linked to you in ages.

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