Today at Nature Club 28/2/11

Today at Nature Club we did a big stick insect clear out, checked all the animals were OK after the half term holidays, debated on whether a bongo was an animal and Mr. Holland became infuriated at Allotment Club.

Stick Insects

Once again we did a big clear out of the stick insects- changing the bramble, changing the water and getting all the poo out the bottom. We counted them and there are still 28 which is good news. However they are now very big and have almost definitely grown out of their old enclosure so we need a new one.


The few crickets which are left are now very big and very loud. Also, we think that we may have some baby crickets but we are not sure. This would be good as it would mean that Grumpy’s endless supply of food would have started.

Allotment Club

Today at Nature Club we noticed that not only had allotment club covered the biology lab with posters but had also put one of their posters over the Nature Club sign on our notice board. This has infuriated Mr. Holland.


Today we were arguing whether or not there is an animal called a Bongo. There quite obviously is (see link and photo below) however we will run a poll to see whether people think a bongo is an animal or not. Please click on poll above.


Today’s attendance was 7

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