Today at Nature Club 7/3/11

Today at Nature Club we held Grumpy, checked the stick insects and looked at some pictures of our animals.


Today at Nature Club we handled Grumpy and sprayed her moss. Mr. Holland then started poking her which she did not like. Mr. Holland then started spraying Grumpy which she was fine with until he started spraying her head, which raises another question Do Geckos like rain

Stick Insects

Although we should probably have changed the Stick Insects’ bramble we did not because tomorrow we will be getting a new stick insect enclosure to help with our overflowing stick insects. This will come with one stick insect who is quite old and nearly dead. Although we will be getting a manufactured holder, the one which I am making will still be made and this could be expected before Easter.


Today Mr. Holland showed us some amazing pictures which had been taken for us by one of the technicians. Many thanks to him for these great photos. So far I have been given one of the photos and hopefully I will be given more. I will post them in our Photo Gallery so please take a look at them. If you click on a picture you will get in full size and will therefore be able to see how detailed the photos are.

Animal Update

We have some more crickets to go in our enclosure after all the others were fed to Grumpy. The fish seem to be getting on fine but their tank is a bit dirty and we plan to clean this out on Friday.

Plans for upcoming Nature Clubs


We will be getting a new Stick Insect enclosure so we will be centered around them and getting them good bramble.


We will be doing a big fish clear out so can as many members attend as possible.

Today’s Attendance was 6

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