Today At Nature Club 8/3/11

Today at Nature Club we put the stick insects in their new home and decided some plans for the future. Only four people were allowed to go to Nature Club today because of an ISA, so all we were allowed to do was do the stick insects.

Stick Insects

Today we were donated a new, tall stick insect enclosure along with an old stick insect. Today we put them I their new home with plenty of bramble. Also we counted them and we still have 28 younger stick insects, which means our total is now 29.

Animal Update

We fed Grumpy today and Mr. Holland thinks that she will be shedding soon. The crickets seem to be doing well and were making lots of noise. The fish will be cleaned out on Friday.

Future Plans

Today we made plans for what we will do. We will be researching crustaceans such as crabs to go in the old stick insects tank. Also we will be researching leaf insects to go in the stick insect enclosure which is still being built. Finally we will be researching amphibians to go in another tank which we will be donated, this tank will be similar to the one we are currently using for crickets.

Today’s Attendance was 5

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