Today at Nature Club 11/3/11

Today at Nature Club we cleaned out the fish, helped grumpy shed and tried to fill the stick insects’ water.


Today we cleaned out the fish tank. This involved cleaning out the filter and then doing the horrible job of scraping the muck off the sides of the tank with a smart card.

Gecko and Crickets

Today Grumpy was just finishing shedding so to help, Mr. Holland pulled the last bits of skin off her head and her feet. We also fed Grumpy but she still has no sense of hunting as she did not eat the cricket even when it was thrown at her. We then took the polystyrene from the back out to clean it and to get crickets out from behind it. When we did this we discovered that it was full of crickets in little holes which they had made. In the Cricket Enclosure we have put some bramble which they seem to enjoy.

Stick Insects

Today we noticed that the jam jar containing the stick insects bramble did not have much water left in it. However, as we could not be bothered to take all the bramble Mr. Holland tried to pour water from the top of the enclosure into the jam jar. This failed badly and resulted in water all over the bottom of the tank. Therefore we had to do an emergency dry up of the tank with some paper towels.

Leaf Insects

Some information on the care of Leaf Insects has now been put on this site under Animals We Might Get. This is because we are considering getting Leaf Insects when I have finished making their tank.

Today’s Attendance was 9

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