Today at Nature Club 18/3/11

Today at Nature Club we again did not do much and mainly focussed on the stick insects.

Stick Insects

Today we once again raced and cleaned out the stick insects. When cleaning them out we took all the stick insects out their enclosure and put them in their old enclosure, which was being used as a holding pen. We then cleaned all the poo out the bottom and changed the water. We then got a lot of bramble from the forest for them. Most of them are now fully grown, you can tell this because they will have red bits at the top of their legs. Because they are fully grown they will no longer regrow legs if they come off, so we now have to be slightly more careful when handling them.

Animal Update

We held Grumpy again today and she/he still seems to be doing fine. The crickets are still making noise however we do not yet know if they have started to reproduce.

Today’s Attendance was 8

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