Today at Nature Club 21/3/11

Today at Nature Club we held the stick insects and restarted work on our eco-column.

Stick Insects

Today we held the stick insects were held again. We had a few more races and then ended up putting them on people’s heads. Recently more people seem to want to handle the stick insects, this is good however we must we make sure they are not taken outside.


After our pond was frozen over the weekend we finally restarted work on our eco-column now that we have more bacteria for the pond. Today we cleaned out the remains of the old pond and filled it with new water and bacteria. Our next task will be to start work on our bog for the carnivorous plants. We now have a page about our current projects and this contains a page about the eco-column, this is still a work in progress so there is nothing on it yet.

Animal Update

The rest of the animals seem fine. The fish tank is still clean, the crickets are still making lots of noise and grumpy still seems happy.

Today’s Attendance was 11

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