This is a blog about Nature Club. On this blog updates will be posted about what has happened in Nature club on that particular day and any updates such as getting a new animal. Also, this blog will be used to say any plans we have for upcoming nature clubs, such as clean the fish tank. There will also be a page which will have our long term Nature Club goals. This blog could also be used for general discussions about Nature Club, its animals or other stuff to do with nature. People can also use this blog to publish presentations which they have made for Nature Club.

When Is it on?

Nature Club is run by Mr. Holland in the Biology Lab Monday, Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes from 1pm to about 1.20 although sometimes it finishes later and sometimes it finishes earlier. If you come you do not need to come all the time.


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  1. twemyss90 says:

    can’t find your fb page

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