At the moment we are building an eco-column. This is a column which will contain a whole eco-system. Ours will have a pond, a bog with carnivorous plants, a fly ranch and a spider’s den.

Below is some information about what will be in each section of the eco-column.

How it works

The flies in the fly ranch will feed off the rotting compost. They will then lay their eggs in the pond. Once the flies are fully grown, they will try to fly out of the pond and upwards, as they do this they could be eaten by the carnivorous plants. Some of the flies in the fly ranch will also fly upwards and will be eaten by the spider.

The Construction

We have already cut all the bottles up correctly all we need to do now is to fill each section and then assemble it. When we assemble it, tights will be put over the holes between the sections, so that only the flies can pass between the sections.

The sections

Task 1

Firstly we must make the pond. This involves filling it with water and bacteria. We have now done this.

Task 2

Our next task is to make the bottle water tight so that we can set up our bog, once this is done we can then quickly assemble the rest of the eco-column, probably within one session.

Task 3

We will then need to put the carnivorous plants in the bog, put the flies and peat in the fly ranch and put a spider in the top section. The Eco-column will then be complete.


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