Today at Nature Club 7/3/11

Today at Nature Club we held Grumpy, checked the stick insects and looked at some pictures of our animals.


Today at Nature Club we handled Grumpy and sprayed her moss. Mr. Holland then started poking her which she did not like. Mr. Holland then started spraying Grumpy which she was fine with until he started spraying her head, which raises another question Do Geckos like rain

Stick Insects

Although we should probably have changed the Stick Insects’ bramble we did not because tomorrow we will be getting a new stick insect enclosure to help with our overflowing stick insects. This will come with one stick insect who is quite old and nearly dead. Although we will be getting a manufactured holder, the one which I am making will still be made and this could be expected before Easter.


Today Mr. Holland showed us some amazing pictures which had been taken for us by one of the technicians. Many thanks to him for these great photos. So far I have been given one of the photos and hopefully I will be given more. I will post them in our Photo Gallery so please take a look at them. If you click on a picture you will get in full size and will therefore be able to see how detailed the photos are.

Animal Update

We have some more crickets to go in our enclosure after all the others were fed to Grumpy. The fish seem to be getting on fine but their tank is a bit dirty and we plan to clean this out on Friday.

Plans for upcoming Nature Clubs


We will be getting a new Stick Insect enclosure so we will be centered around them and getting them good bramble.


We will be doing a big fish clear out so can as many members attend as possible.

Today’s Attendance was 6

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Today at Nature Club 28/2/11

Today at Nature Club we did a big stick insect clear out, checked all the animals were OK after the half term holidays, debated on whether a bongo was an animal and Mr. Holland became infuriated at Allotment Club.

Stick Insects

Once again we did a big clear out of the stick insects- changing the bramble, changing the water and getting all the poo out the bottom. We counted them and there are still 28 which is good news. However they are now very big and have almost definitely grown out of their old enclosure so we need a new one.


The few crickets which are left are now very big and very loud. Also, we think that we may have some baby crickets but we are not sure. This would be good as it would mean that Grumpy’s endless supply of food would have started.

Allotment Club

Today at Nature Club we noticed that not only had allotment club covered the biology lab with posters but had also put one of their posters over the Nature Club sign on our notice board. This has infuriated Mr. Holland.


Today we were arguing whether or not there is an animal called a Bongo. There quite obviously is (see link and photo below) however we will run a poll to see whether people think a bongo is an animal or not. Please click on poll above.


Today’s attendance was 7

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Today at Nature Club 4/2/11

Today at Nature club quite a lot happened, however most of our activity was based around our two favourite animals, based on our recent poll. Today we had a record attendance, changed the bramble for the stick insects, cleaned grumpy, cleaned the fish filter again and found a missing stick insect.


Today we sprayed Grumpy’s moss as well as giving her some more crickets and cleaning her food bowl. Recently Grumpy has seemed to be more relaxed about us taking out her house and this was the case again today. However, when taking out the house please be careful and make sure that you don’t drop her house on her leg as this could break it.

Stick Insects

Due to their increasing size and speed it has become impossible to change the stick insects bramble without them running off using our old method, putting them on the lid. So today we opted for a new method and put them in a tub. When we were counting them we noticed that there were only 27 not 28! Fortunately the final stick insect was found on a piece of bramble which was about to be thrown away having been checked by two separate people for stick insects. Please can you thoroughly check bramble when you change it and get at least two other people to check it for you. Also, please be careful when getting the stick insects out of their enclosure because often the plants are knocked out of the water and therefore they will dry up and die. Also, please do not leave the eggs out as they could still hatch.


Today we once again cleaned out the filter and thanks to those who did it as no one likes doing this job. Now that we have done it twice in about a week hopefully it won’t need to be done again for some time.


Mr. Holland has asked if any could bring in some bran, not bran flakes, or some muesli to feed the crickets as they are running out of food and are once again resorting to cannibalism.


Today’s attendance was 12, this is our highest attendance yet. Although this only beats the previous record by one, when the old record was set the people were never all in the room at the same time. So, this attendance record is showing that Nature Club is still growing, especially as some regulars were away.

New Poll

We now have a new poll about which animal you would like to find out about. Please vote as we will give information about the winning animal probably soon after half term.

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Today at Nature Club 1/2/11

Today at Nature Club not much happened but the plants were sprayed, the crickets were fed and this page was refreshed many times.


Nature Club is mainly based around our animals but we also have carnivorous plants and non-carnivorous plants. Today these were sprayed and Mr.Holland was quoted saying, “The plants need spraying.” As well as this we discussed getting plants for our desert. Also we noted that the Sundew is beginning to grow well.


Today the crickets were fed some dead plants from the carnivorous plants enclosure. They seemed to like these very much and even stopped eating each other to eat some of these tasty snacks. We also discussed baby crickets. Mr. Holland said that if any baby crickets are born at first they will be very tiny and they will be born in the soft sand at the front of the enclosure.

This Website

Today Mr. Holland went on this website on his laptop. We would like to thank all those people who have helped us click refresh a grand total of 260 times today. We now have 672 hits. This still a little less than allotment club so if you have time please click refresh.

Animal Update

The stick insects are still growing and are now very quick. We did not feel there was a need to change their bramble today. Grumpy looks very happy at the moment after shedding her skin. We do not know how the fish are getting on because no one could be bothered to look at them.

Nature Club on Friday

On Friday (4/2/11) we plan to change the stick insects bramble as well as count them. Also we would like to discuss naming stick insects and check up on all of the animals and plants.

Today’s Attendance was 5

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Today at Nature Club 31/1/11

Unfortunately I do not think that Nature Club was on today due to Mr.Holland being out. Please comment if you have any information on this.

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Today at Nature Club 28/1/11

Today at Nature Club we refilled the fish tank, removed dead plants from the fish tank and checked up on all the animals. Also, we have an important announcement to make.


Once again we were doing stuff with the fish tank. Firstly we had to refill it. As we do this by using a hose we first had to remove the ice from the hose. It was hilarious to watch when turning the tap on made ice come out of the hose. After this we took out the two dead plants and replanted the two which had come out. The fish tank is now very clean, so although not many people like them, as you can tell from our poll, they are living in a very good environment.


The incredibly popular crickets have finally been given some food and Mr. Holland says that they devoured three pieces of cucumber in one night. Today they were still seen nibbling on their lettuce. Even more of the crickets have grown wings and therefore they can be heard to make nice chirping noises. Hopefully they will soon start to breed and start Grumpy’s endless supply of food.

Animal Update

The stick insects are still doing fine and today we gave them another couple of sticks of bramble. They are growing very well and today we found more shed skins. Grumpy still looks happy and she seems to have finished shedding. However, she does seem to spend an awful lot more time outside of her home than in it.

Important Announcement

Thanks to Tom from Allotment Club who has spoken to Mr. Roden about having our website put on the school website. I am not too sure about the details but ask on the Allotment Club website and I’m sure they could explain the situation.

Today’s Attendance was 14

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Stick Insects

We now have information about Indian Stick Insects on this blog. It can be found under animals on the animals and plants page. This information includes our current number of Indian Stick Insects, their history at Nature Club, the future for them at Nature Club and some general information about them. Hopefully we will soon have information up about all of our other animals and plants.

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